From 70.00

GRUPY / DUETY – two or more dancers (up to 20!).
Remember: one participant is not allowed to take part in the competition twice in the same group category.
For example: Jane Smith cannot be a member of 2 different groups in the “Groups Raks Sharki” category.

Uwaga: Jest tylko jeden poziom w tej kategorii - OPEN.

SHOW / FUSION / PROPS / TABLAfantasy bellydance, show bellydance, tabla solo, fusion with other styles: Samba, salsa, rumba, tango, gymnastics, mahraganat (modern fusions) etc. For fusion elements of other techniques shall not be more than approx. 40% of the choreography. Props: veils, fan veils, veil poi, swords, wings, fans, candle holders / lanterns (only with artificial candles) etc. You can dance modern Mahraganat here. Please wear a costume referring to the style. Real fire, live animals and dangerous, sharp objects are not permitted and will result in disqualification.

Limit czasu: 3 minuty.

Konkurs odbędzie się w Saturday, 14th of September 2024 on the Main Stage of Nowohuckiego Centrum Kultury..

Przed rejestracją proszę przeczytać REGULAMIN dla uczestników konkursu.