From 70.00

GROUPS / DUOS – two or more dancers (up to 20!).
Remember: one participant is not allowed to take part in the competition twice in the same group category.
For example: Jane Smith cannot be a member of 2 different groups in the “Groups Raks Sharki” category.

Notice: there is only one level in this category – OPEN.

RAKS SHARKI oriental, mejanse, modern baladi, lyrical song, tarab, classical songs, golden era, (including small fragments of folklores, tabla solo, dance with veil). Please wear a costume referring to the style.

Styles allowed: Raks Sharki, Mejanse, Classical Song, Golden Era.
Time limit: 3 minutes.

Competition will take place on Saturday, 14th of September 2024 on the Main Stage of Nowa Huta Cultural Centre.

Before the registration please read carefully RULES for competition participants.